Monday, April 10, 2006

Royal Coffee

Known affectionately as "Royal" around Coffee Bean Hut, the importer brings us one of our favorite links to the world of growing coffee and transporting it. Many thanks, "Royal" for your insightful looks behind the scenes and your help choosing the best coffees of the seasons. Click on ROYAL COFFEE and see for yourself.


billiedove said...

Royal Coffee has an interesting website - I feel like I took a java safari! Informative and interesting - I have a better sense of how coffee travels. I didn't understand how to read their coffee lists, however. That's o.k., hey Coffee Bean Hut, what do you recommend for a person who likes smokey, rich espresso brews?


- Billie Dove

billiedove said...

Speaking of coffee taste descriptors...
I used the term "smokey" - not sure it has a place in describing coffee flavor, but it sort of fit. I guess I was trying to come up with a description for a flavor that accompanies a full-bodied coffee, has a slight bite, not burnt, almost that "smokey" flavor? Is there an actual definition for this amongst the java elite?


Billie Dove