Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Roaster’s Lot

Passion for coffee rules our lives at Coffee Bean Hut. We're fascinated by plant origins and evolution, the lands that nourish the plants, and the people who tend them. Hats off to the farm workers, sailors, dock hands and truckers who get the crops into our waiting hands. We lose no time testing the beans as we roast and taste, blend and taste to find that perfect cup of coffee for specific occasions. Beyond kicking back and enjoying the coffee, we're not truly happy until we share our findings with our home-coffee-roasting friends and they tell us their experiences. Hoo-yah!

The Roaster’s Lot

We’re a busy bunch
W’ coffee on our minds
From roastin’ green
To finished cup
W’ grindin’ in between

We’re movin’ fast
W’ all th’ steps
To keep th’ roasts from burnin’
Our hands and eyes, noses, ears
All keen w' pent-up yearnin’!

--Copyright 2000
The Coffee Bean Hut

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